Coed Stunting classes are a great way for athletic individuals who are interested in cheering in college. All girls will be flyers and must maintain a collegiate look and weight.  The maximum weight to be allowed to stunt is 120lbs or less.  Please adhere to this rule as we will not allow anyone from this point on to join a stunt class.  If you have questions please contact the office staff.
Coed stunting classes will be broken down into 3 groups.  All athletes will be told by The Cheer Combine staff what group they will be in once we do an assessment of their skills. Each class will be 45 Minutes and we will cover coed partner stunting from the beginning to the end. Minimum of 2 participants, Maximum of 4. Ages 14+

Group A

Elite Stunting 

  • Flipping stunts
  • Twisting stunts
  • Double down dismounts
  • Combination skills

Group B

Advance Stunting

  • Toss platform
  • Toss stunts
  • Walk-ins
  • Full down dismounts
  • Combination skills 

Group C

Basic Stunting 

  • Toss drills
  • Chairs
  • Toss hands
  • Walk in to hands
  • Hands extensions
  • Hands liberty
  • Dismounts

Stunting Private:

$120  for 60mins
If you and a friend want some extra attention to master your stunting skills, try a Semi-Private Stunting Class. These sessions are great for perfecting your technique and trying new skills. Call the gym to schedule yours today.